How to close/deactivate my card?
Written by Liza
Updated over a week ago

If you no longer want to use your VIALET Mastercard, we suggest you deactivate it. In case your card is lost or stolen, you should deactivate it immediately. 

You can also deactivate your card if you're not using it actively, this way you won’t have to pay the monthly fee. Current accounts without cards don't have a monthly fee. You only have to pay 1,40 EUR monthly fee for an active card or a card that’s been ordered but hasn’t been activated yet.

How to close your card:

  • Go to VIALET app “Card” section and click “Deactivate my card”.

 Note - when you close/ deactivate your card, it doesn't close your current account with VIALET. To close VIALET account you need to contact the customer support team via mobile app. 

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