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How can I start using my VIALET account on a new device?
How can I start using my VIALET account on a new device?
Written by Liza
Updated over a week ago

If you have a new phone and want to start using your VIALET app on it with your existing account, you will need to perform an unpairing process. Only after unpairing is done, you can log in and start using VIALET on this new device. 

Here’s how to start the unpairing process:

  • Select the “Log in” option on your new device

  • Enter the phone number associated with your account

  • Enter the passcode which you were using before

  • Then you will be prompted that the account you are trying to log in is paired with another device. Press OK

Now the unpairing process begins. 

  • Enter your VIALET registration email

  • We will send a verification link to this email - click on it

  • Then enter the phone number you registered with

  • Enter the confirmation code we sent you

  • Enter your passcode

  • Then we will send you an unpair link

  • Accept the link

  • The device has been unpaired

  • Enter your passcode and access the VIALET app!

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