Shake your phone to report a bug
Written by Liza
Updated over a week ago

If you notice an error or a flaw in the VIALET app, you can report it so we can fix it as soon as possible. 

It’s very simple and quick to report a bug. 

  1. First, simply shake your phone. 

  2. “Report a bug” window will pop up, asking you to enter your email and details about the bug.

3. A screenshot is already prepared for you. You can edit it, highlighting the faulty details.
4. When you tap on “Edit list,” you will see a list of screens you’ve just viewed on your VIALET app. You can delete the ones that don’t concern the bug you are reporting.
5. If you want to add more info about the bug, you can choose to take another screenshot, take a screen recording or select a file from the gallery.

6. When you’ve supplied all the info about the bug you want to report, press the arrow button at the top-right corner to submit your report.

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