My top-up failed
Written by Niko
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There are a few rules, that are enabled during top-ups, that might lead to your bank top-up being not successful.

  • If your card has 3D Secure feature, you will be asked to verify this transaction via your banks selected security measure. Failing 3D Secure check will lead to a failed top-up attempt.

  • If you have already made a number of top-ups with the same card within 24 hours, your top-up could fail.

  • There is a list of restricted countries, cards issues there cannot be used for top-ups.

It is considered that amount below of 500 Eur can be accepted as a top-up, amount above this must be sent as regular bank transfer for security concerns.

We advise using your own card for top-ups. If someone else would like to send money to your VIALET account, they can do that instantly via their VIALET app or via regular bank transaction, that will be processed within two work days.

If you have any questions about top-ups - let our support team know, they will be happy to help.

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