You've completed the Identification procedure but it was unsuccessful or you've received an error?

We are very sorry to hear that, let's make another attempt, but before first let's check if:

  • You have selected correct country - select the country where your document was issued;

  • You are taking pictures in real time - photos of the screen cannot be processed;

  • You are using international format of the document containing MRZ zone - (example) internal documents in local language cannot be processed;

  • You are taking photos of ID card or passport - drivers licences and residence permits cannot be accepted as identification documents;

  • You've entered your name and surname correctly during registration - your name must match the spelling of the document;

  • You are taking picture of both sides of your ID card;

  • Photos are clear - if the photo is blurry or has lights flares on, please retake it; 

In case if any assistance is needed - send us a message via chat feature of the app, we will be happy to help.

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