What are my limits?

Limits for transactions, card payments and withdrawals

Written by Niko
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Currently, you cannot change or set your own limits in the app.

You will have a 10 € monthly limit for incoming transactions, until you have completed the verification process.

Account limits
Once you’ve finished verification, your yearly turnover limit will be raised up to 40k €, while your yearly limit for outgoing transactions, card payments, cash withdrawals will be 20k €.

Card limits

Your daily limit for card payments is 1400€ and monthly limit is 7000€.

VIALET has cash withdrawal limits: you can withdraw a maximum of 600€ per day, while your monthly cash withdrawal limit is 3000€.

Card limits can not be changed.

In case you require limits to be raised for your account, please fill in this form for Private Individuals or Legal Entities and send it to our customer support stating your limit increase request and reason.

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