Ordering Virtual Corporate Cards
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VIALET offers Virtual Corporate Cards to be ordered for your business account. The card will be a debit card and funds available on the card match the IBAN account balance of your business account.

Virtual Corporate Card is available for FREE (including FREE replacement)

To order a card follow steps below:

  1. Select "Cards" on the left side of your profile.

  2. Then select "Create new card" to complete an order.

  3. Agree to card terms by clicking a relevant checkbox.

  4. After a card has been ordered - click on the card to activate it.

  5. Full card details are available on-click basis and consist of:

    • Full card number

    • Expiry date

    • CVC

  6. Each card has the following menu options available:

    • Activate - visible only after ordering a new card.

    • Block / unblock - short-term deactivation of the card, declining all authorizations.

    • Close card - closes the card fully.

    • Close and reorder - closes the card and then reorders a new one.

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