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How to submit new business account application?
How to submit new business account application?
Written by Liza
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Hi 👋

We are happy to help you start your journey with VIALET! 🎉

Let us give you a quick walk-through so your application process is easy and we have a great start of our relationship!

Applying for business account is truly simple ▶️

  1. Go to the VIALET platform and Sign Up (

    1. Remember: E-mail and phone number combination is unique for each user and cannot be shared

  2. When you’re in, you will see a home page, where you can click through our introduction or…

  3. Go straight to “Applications” tab in the menu on the left 👈

  4. Find that button “+Add new application” on the top right 🆕

  5. Choose which type of account you need, first always go with “Send and Receive funds” (if you want to open a merchant account with us, you can submit application for it after you submit the one for regular account) 💸

  6. Fill in all the questions regarding your company ℹ️

    1. ⭐ You will be asked to upload documents (images or pdf supported) which may vary depending on company structure, business activity and registration country. You will definitely need:

      1. Certificate of Incorporation or equivalent

      2. Complete and dated extract from the Company Register

      3. Memorandum & Articles of Association or equivalent

  7. If you are an authorised representative of the company, then you will also need to go through identity verification. Feel free to switch log in to your phone, as your application progress is saved. (In case you are filling for the representative, are an agent or a very caring executive assistant, you will skip this step, if your role in People section was chosed without representation rights) 🆔

  8. Remember to come back after your identification is processed and press “Submit” button in your application so it reaches us. ✅

  9. Shortly you will receive a welcome message from our support team who will hold your hand all the way from now on. 🤝

❗Do remember: if at any point you feel like you are lost or something is not working, you can press green “Issues” button on the right side of the screen and report it straight to our all-mighty tech and support teams!

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