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Can I add new user to manage company's bank account?
Can I add new user to manage company's bank account?
Written by Niko
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While filling the application, you can add authorized representatives and managers.

If the authorized representative is not a managing director of the company in that case we require a Power of Attorney with a 3-month-old notarization (for EU/EEA countries) + an apostille (for outside of EU/EEA
Please note that the apostille/legalization may be older if the Power of Attorney or resolution of Directors (if directors have not changed) is valid.

If after onboarding you want to add a new users to manage the account and payments, please note that they must be an authorized representatives, i.e. a Power of Attorney must be issued for each person to take actions with the corporate account for legal reasons. If such a proxy authorization exists, please contact your account manager or our support team by using the chat or writing to and providing he following information:

  1. Representatives full name

  2. Representatives e-mail and phone number

  3. Representative proof of address

  4. Document supporting right to represent

After we receive these details we will inform you if there are any additional questions. After all information will be collected we will proceed to add a new user to your account manually. They will receive notification to join the platform using the e-mail and phone number provided. After that, they will be required to identify themselves online (ID card/passport + selfie) and will get access to the assigned account.

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