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Payments statuses: Successful, failed, stuck.
Payments statuses: Successful, failed, stuck.
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If you see the payment in GREEN color, it represents a successful payment that has credited the account.

If payment is colored in RED, it means the debiting payment was successful and the funds were sent to the intended recipient

If you see that the payment amount is in YELLOW color, the transaction is either pending or encountered an error. By clicking on the payment, you will see more details:

  1. In case the payment status is INITIATED, you have started the payment, however, did not confirm it by entering the security code from the SMS. You can still proceed with completing the payment, by pressing the button Confirm.

  2. For payments with the status SUSPENDED, you might encounter some waiting time while our system double-checks the transaction. Most of the time it will be automatically released, nonetheless, sometimes you might hear from the account manager and additional information might need to be provided.

  3. Transactions with status PENDING indicate initiated and confirmed payments, however insufficient balance to fulfill them, meaning payment will be executed, once account balance is sufficient to do so.

💡 If you want to send funds to someone from whom you have previously received them (green color transactions) or to someone who already was a recipient (red transactions), you can click on the payment, to open it's overview and press the button "New Payment".

It will automatically pull beneficiary details into the new payment.

If none of the reasons above match your situation, let us know about the issue by Reporting it following this instruction or send our support a message via Chat.

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