Card security

In-app card locking, Virtual cards and Smart payment blocks

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In-app card locking

If you have a reason to believe that your card details have been compromised, you can immediately block the card or change the PIN with a few easy taps.

Smart payment blocks

Control your card usage in the app by easily disabling online payments, ATM withdrawals, magnetic stripe transactions, or payments abroad with a single swipe. You can disable certain features of your VIALET card to reduce the risk of fraud. This includes disabling e-commerce payments, ATM withdrawals, and contactless and swipe payments.

Virtual cards

In addition to physical cards, you can add disposable virtual cards to your account. These cards can be used once for online payments, after which they will be destroyed and their numbers replaced. This makes it impossible to use them more than once.

Location tracking

By enabling your app to track your location, our systems are able to detect if your card is being used in a different location from where you are, along with other potentially suspicious usage patterns.

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