If you suspect that your card has been used without your permission, please immediately lock the card from the “Card” section of the app to avoid any further fraudulent use.

You can order a replacement card in the app by tapping “Report Lost or Stolen”.

Please use this checklist to identify the transaction:

  1. Have you signed up for any card subscription? It could have been a recurring card payment plan or your free trial period has ended and you've been charged for the used services. If so, please contact the merchant to find out more about that transaction and the applicable charges, and if necessary, cancel the subscription to avoid any further charges.

  2. Please note that sometimes merchant’s name shown in your bank statement might differ from the actual merchant you've purchased from. Please check merchant’s name before contacting our Customer Support Team.

  3. If your friend or family member has access to your card and it’s details, please make sure they did not make this payment.

If you are absolutely positive that your card has been fraudulently used, please contact our Customer Support team directly.

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