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Is my private information secured?
Is my private information secured?
Written by Niko
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Our policies and procedures are designed to secure your personal information and to insure security of all data.

All your personal information is stored and processed using third-party servers located in secure data centres, protected by firewalls and with restricted access in compliance with applicable regulations. All data passed between mobile app, our servers, and third parties are 2048-bit SSL encrypted.

  • VIALET will never ask you to prove your identity on behalf of other individuals or companies. Verification process for private persons is processed and completed only in the app. Complete verification only if you want to open VIALET account for your personal use.

  • Do not pass your login details to the third party. When creating an account, we suggest you never use a predefined email address and password. If you use login credentials that were given to you by the third party, these credentials may be used to reach your personal and legal information.

  • Under no circumstances do not send your ID or passport to unknown or unverified recipient.

  • You will never be asked to provide your username, passcode or PIN code outside the VIALET app. Never provide this information in any external websites or apps, even if they look related or similar to VIALET.

If you ever feel in doubt, have received a suspicious request from the third party, or think your login data might have been compromised, please do not hesitate to contact VIALET Customer Support Team via chat or email

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