Card to Card payments.

At the moment, money transfers from a VIALET account can be made ONLY on payment cards issued in Russia, in rubles, this option is available only to users of Android mobile devices.

After you have downloaded the application and verified your account, you can transfer funds to Mastercard, VISA or MIR payment cards issued in Russia.

How to transfer money to a payment card issued in Russia?

• Select “Send” in the menu and then select “To Card”

• Enter the amount you want to transfer.

• Enter the name of the recipient (the name that appears on the card of the recipient)

• Enter the card number of the recipient and select "Send"

• You can add a personal message to the transfer in the column “purpose of payment”.

That's all! You have successfully completed your first money transfer with VIALET.

What is a card to card payment?

This is a payment method that allows direct and almost instant money transfers to users of payment cards (both credit and debit).

Today VIALET offers payments to Russia on Mastercard, VISA or MIR payment cards.

You send euro from your VIALET account, and the recipient receives rubles to his payment card.

How much can I send in one payment?

You can send up to 1000 euros per day. You can find more information about limits on outgoing and incoming payments here.

How much does it cost to send money to the card?

Not at all, you send EUR from your account for free, the recipient will receive rubles, which will be converted at the current rate.

How fast will the money be on the recipient's card?

Depending on the beneficiary's bank, in most cases on the same day and up to 2 business days. In most cases, the money will be in the recipient's account almost immediately.

Who can use the card to card payment service?

Any user of the VIALET who is a verified customer and user of the Android mobile device.

In what currency can I make a money transfer?

You send only in euro currency from your VIALET account, the recipient will receive rubles to his payment card.

What card issued in Russia can I transfer to?

To any Visa, Mastercard and MIR card.

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